Dental Sealants

More than 75% of tooth decay starts in the pit and fissure areas of back teeth. A dental sealant is an acrylic-like material that shields out decay-causing bacteria from the grooved chewing surfaces of teeth. At Green Road Dental, we base our diagnosis and recommendations for dental sealants on the patient’s susceptibility to tooth rot and the way the teeth were formed when the originally formed below the gum; some teeth are groovier than others and some even erupt with holes in them. Typically sealants are applied to permanent teeth, but may be required on primary or baby teeth as well.

No freezing is required and it takes only a few minutes per tooth to apply. The sealant effect can last for many years. At Green Road Dental we test your sealants at every recare appointment to be certain the sealant material is intact. Occasionally we may need to replace, or add a new layer of sealant to help keep the protective barrier strong and effective.

Sealants are highly effective in preventing the rotting of teeth.

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